business development


bootstrapping innovative ideas and products into businesses

Are you looking for a partner to bootstrap your new innovative business idea or your new product into a real business venture? Let's talk.

Did you develop a new product, an app, or a software cloud solution, but you don't like to call to strangers, you don't like to sell? You feel like you don't have the skills to commercialize it and bring it to the market? Let's talk.

Are you about to start a business and are you looking for a mentor, someone experienced that you can team up with to broaden your vision, to pick the brains on how to develop your new business? Let's talk.

Let's MEET

and let's see how we can make a success from your idea, your product, your business venture

During a first meeting we get to know each other and talk in all confidentiality about your new business adventure. We can explore the opportunities and strategies, the tactics, the timeline and figures.


strategy, action and speed are vital

Creating and developing a new business is always challenging. Leverage and acceleration are vital. That's why we create together with you the strategy to launch and win the market at high speed.

whatever it takes

to achieve success together

So what's the process and what's your investment?


€ 0,00 up front.

The idea is always that we don't cost you any money. Of course, we need to get remunerated and this is a part of the turnover generated. Somewhere during the process, we have a meeting where we present you with a remuneration plan. This will include also our remuneration.


Analysis of your idea, your product(s) and service(s), your business venture. Since we're putting in quite a lot of our own resources up front, we first need to get convinced that we see the opportunity for the future and we will be motivated ourselves to invest these resources. This includes questioning and brainstorming around:

  1. Strategies & tactics

  2. Business model & Revenue Streams

  3. Capital & Resources

  4. Processes, Procedures & Systems

  5. Marketing & Sales

  6. Relationships & Partnerships

  7. Clients and Customer Engagement

  8. Distribution channels

  9. Product(s), Service(s) & value propositions

Awareness about each part of your business that empowers your business comes out of this analysis. Awareness about the core values, the identity, the brand, the motto, the mission, the vision and creed.

Creating a strategic & tactical plan founded on the above analysis is the next step. This includes of course a clear goals program for the short term, mid term and long term. And this also includes the remuneration, the ability to scale the company.

Assessments, taking it out to the market and see how the market responds is the next big step. We can imagine and give it as much thought as we want, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Adapting for better results.

Launching big. The energy, the vibes, that a new launch gives have to be captured and guided into massive action from the launch event on so that successes stimulate fast growth.

Rigorous execution of the strategy to scale up, the tactics, the processes and procedures for continued expansion.

Are you looking for a partner to bootstrap your new innovative business idea or your new product into a real business venture? Let's talk.