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= profit explosion

In this fast changing world where the economy, the way we do business, changes at lightning speed, it’s not enough anymore to follow a couple of trainings a year. Not if you want to stay ahead of competition. Still, these changes permit a continuously higher productivity per person IF and only IF this talented individual gets the opportunity to grow, to become BETTER trough education. Personal, creative and bold education.

How is the productivity in your organisation?

  • Would you like a TALENT EXPLOSION in YOUR organisation?

  • Would you love to create and work with Top Performers?

  • Would you be fond of an increase in results by 40%, 80%, 120% or even 240%?


making the future

What follows further extends your educational ideas. My profession is to develop these course materials in such a way that by following these educational programs, you can develop yourself, your employees and your organisation to achieve the above vision. Not everything is possible: only challenging, stimulating and creative approaches are.

The educational programs are never adapted to the current situation of the company and its employees.


Rapidly, employees become a self-educating-talent-force. No need to constantly take’m by the hand: at a furious pace, we encourage people to be anticipatory self-thinkers and self starters.



I guarantee education, training and coaching with EXPLOSIVE IMPACT as their goal.

  • Where it is about PASSION, FIRE and most of all: INTENSIVE CHANGE.

  • Where people are CONFRONTED with themselves and get a REALITY CHECK.

What I do guarantee is that I’m targeting at an IMPACT that is SO POWERFUL that participants will still remember the most important learning points EVEN 10 YEAR LATER. And THAT MATTERS.

“When there’s hope for the future, there’s power in the present. ”

-- Zig Ziglar & John C. Maxwell.

  • Ofcourse I’ll endorse participants with knowledge.

  • Ofcourse I’ll give the participants valuable information.

  • Ofcourse in trainings I’ll equip participants with new skills. However I go much further.

My ultimate goal is BUILDING HOPE by creating TOGETHER a mission on FUNDAMENTALY CHANGING and IMPROVING the view, skills and attitude.

signature programs

full programs

Sales Strategy & Selling Skills

A³: Always Achieve Agreement

Surreptitious Marketing

Bootstrapping your business

You'll love the results you get after you've participated in these educational programs. So book them, or book one to start, for yourself and for the other people in your company or organisation and double, triple or quadruple your results. These signature programs are elaborated and jam-packed with content and exercises. They are modular, consisting each out of 25 minute parts, from 12 up to 48 parts per signature program. So we can create anything from a one day program up to a two weeks filled program.


Scale Up your Life & Business


Winning With People


S³ Systems for Success

A masterclass is the ideal way to learn the fundamentals about the topics above. It's a mix of fun, exercise, transfer of knowledge and experiences, so you can learn fast and really to the point. Interested? Get in touch.


30 minute speeches that intend to change your thinking

Talent Traits For Success

i³ Future

Scarry Questions

Different, Better, Faster

Are you looking for a great speaker for your next event? On Stage or Online? Get in touch with Tom Commeine today to be speaker at your event.